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Just let me know how I'm getting on with our favourite socially-awkward neurobiologist over here.
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Jan. 1st, 2015 12:00 am
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Good day, you've reached Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler.

Obviously I am otherwise occupied and unable to reach the phone. Please leave a message after the beep.

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Player Information 

Name: Jane 
Age: 18
AIM SN: lilkayleefrye 
email: lilkayleefrye@hotmail.co.uk 
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes 
Currrently Played Characters: n/a
Conditional: Activity Check Link: n/a
Conditional: Official Reserve Link: n/a

Character Information 

Canon Source: The Big Bang Theory 
Canon Format: Television series 
Character's Name: Amy Farrah Fowler 
Character's Age: 29 
Conditional: If your character is 13 years of age or under, please clarify how they will be played: n/a

What form will your character's NV take? An iPhone. 


Character's Canon Abilities:
Amy is smart - as in, super duper smart. As a neurobiologist, she probably knows everything you could ever possibly want to know about the human brain, how it's made up, how it functions, etc, etc. She also has some knowledge about the other sciences - but to a lesser extent because, to her, Biology is superior - and various other bits of random trivia and factoids that she might spout now an again, if she deems the situation appropriate or sometimes not. Amy also has some knowledge about computers, like what is the best model because she's of the belief that computers are of the future and, for a long time, she was more inclined to cyber interaction with others than actual human contact. Amy is also very talented on the harp and is constantly learning new songs on it, for example, "The Girl from Ipanema", "Everybody Hurts", etc. etc. and enjoys nothing more than playing it and singing along.

Conditional: If your character has no superhuman canon abilities, what dormant ability will you give them?:

Because Amy was the lonely little nerd girl in high school, whom no one really paid any attention to, I think giving her the power of invisibility would be quite fitting.

She'll probably use it to her own benefit at first, you know, spying on people she mistrusts - darn paranoia! - but it will also prove useful in protecting her against enemies and the like. Until she learns to control it, though, there's no telling when she'll turn invisible/visible again. She could be invisible for only a few minutes or it could last for hours.

When she learns to control it, however, she'll be able to control for just how long she is invisible for and her control over her power may even extend to making other people invisible too, so long as she maintains physical contact with them. Like, if she has a hand on their shoulder, they'll be invisible with her but if she lifts that hand away - boom - the plus one is suddenly visible again.

Amy has no weapons. :( 


Character History:

Point in Canon:
Up to 5x19 "The Weekend Vortex"

Conditional: Brief summary of previous RP history:

Character Personality:
Amy is infamous for her severe lack of a filter. She’ll say whatever’s on her mind which can make her seem rude and obnoxious most of the time, for example if someone has only a Masters degree, she’ll bluntly refer to them as less intelligent than herself because she has a PhD. Her lack of a filter also can make her seem just downright creepy, such as when she suggested that she, Bernadette and Penny strip down naked, roll around in mud and paint fertility symbols on Bernadette’s naked body as a viable option for Bernie’s bachelorette party. Really Amy just doesn't seem to grasp what are acceptable social boundaries. This aspect of her personality does have a tendency to alienate people, however, once you get to know Amy and look past all that, you can see that Amy is really just a sweet person deep down, looking to make a connection with someone. 

Amy’s life, up until she met the Big Bang gang, was a very lonely one, and, as such, she is very loyal to the friends she has now, partly out of fear of losing them and also because she cares for them a great deal - particularly Penny, Bernadette and Sheldon. She is extremely loyal to Penny, to the extent it's almost worshipful, immediately taking her side over Priya’s, when the latter begins dating Leonard, and openly trashing Priya, despite barely knowing her and even though she is more intellectual than Penny (and intellect is something Amy prides very highly). Amy’s friendship with Penny and Bernadette is basically her attempt to live her adolescent dream of being accepted into a group of cool girls and just hanging out and, in this sense, Amy is just a teenager at heart. She adores the idea of having slumber parties - announcing her ‘sleepover’ with Penny all over Facebook - and reacts with typical thirteen-year-old wonder when a guy asks her out on a date, saying, very softly and very surprised, “I think a boy likes me”. 

Amy is also very smart. As in crazy super duper smart. As a neurobiologist, she has a great deal of knowledge on the human brain, but also possesses a great deal of random general factoids that might weed their way into any conversation. She also has a hunger for more knowledge and will not hesitate in posing questions to people, regardless of how inappropriate they may be (see above her severe lack of a filter). Also as a biologist, Amy has a tendency to describe things very clinically, using the proper terms to describe, for example, genitals, and she seems to have no problem with mentioning these in casual conversation. Amy rates her field of study as higher than all others, showing a significant amount of pride in her work.  

As well as her friendship with Penny and Bernadette, Amy also has a very special bond with Sheldon, if a slightly unorthodox one at that. Their relationship began as one of the mind, which they both were content with, but as Amy started to be influenced by the girls she began to recognise her baser instincts and seemed to develop a crush on Sheldon, saying she was available for experimentation if Sheldon ever wanted to kiss a girl. Sheldon also seems to care for her a great deal, too, willingly spending time with her and growing agitated when he can't get in touch with her. He also displays jealousy, telling Leonard that Amy is "not for him" and ruining her date with Stuart so he can redefine the paradigm of their relationship. By her point in canon, they are now dating and have a Relationship Agreement which she genuinely finds "so romantic". In their relationship, Amy is more open with her affection towards Sheldon, initiating their two kisses, hugging him, holding his hand, etc. but Sheldon shows how he cares for her by accepting these gestures without complaint. Sometimes Amy does get frustrated by the lack of progress their relationship is making and will try to push Sheldon, like when she tries to win more of his affection by making him spaghetti with little hot dogs for dinner or dressing up in a Star Trek uniform for him, but she tries to keep it so she doesn't push him away entirely. To sum up, Amy and Sheldon relate to one and other on a level that can't really be understood by many others. Whereas others see Sheldon as an annoyance, Amy thinks of him as the most fun person she knows and calls his eidetic memory "sexy". They have their thing and it just works for them. Despite their similarities, however, unlike Sheldon, Amy doesn't have his OCD-like tendencies, nor does she share his love of comic books - which she thinks are "lame-o" - or science fiction - Downton Abbey is more her thing. 

Amy can't really believe how much her life has changed since those awkward adolescent years. That she now has a boyfriend and five friends which she can call her own. Her previous bad experiences with people e.g. her so-called friends who trapped her in a room with a horny otter has made her just that little bit paranoid and she lives in fear that she'll lose the social group she has now, making her seem a bit clingy. For example, when Penny and Bernadette go out shopping without her, she grows very upset because she believes they never really were her friends and were merely tolerating her. When she's upset, Amy usually finds solace in playing sad songs on her harp or dissecting brains in her lab - you know, normal stuff. Also, when she's upset, Amy finds herself craving human contact more than she usually does, for example, cuddling with Sheldon. 

Conditional: Personality development in previous game: n/a

Character Plans:
She'll probably try to find a way out, at first, but then she'll settle down and accept her lot. As a neurobiologist, she'll probably look for some work at big lab of some sort. She'll also probably try to make friends, in her own Amy Farrah Fowler way.

Played by the lovely Mayim Bialik 

Writing Samples 

First Person Sample 

[ The NV shifts and the image of woman with long, dark hair and glasses comes into focus, brow furrowed in confusion and irritation. ]

Hello? Hello? Can anyone hear me?

My name is Amy Farrah Fowler and I appear to have been kidnapped. Alas, not in the way often specified in such saucy, steamy bodice-ripper novels. There is a distinct lack of any mild bondage or a roguish captor with long, flowing locks and a muscular physique.

[ A frown as she looks around her, her lips pressed into a thin line in an expression of the utmost distaste. ]

Hm. The graffiti on the walls does little to ease the tension, I must say. Mother always told me how dangerous it was to venture out after dark. Regrettably, this turn of events means she's right and I will have to inform her of such when I return home. 

Speaking of, if anyone gets this message, then I implore you to tell me just how I may return home to Pasadena, California. That's in the United States, for those of you who are geographically challenged. If you are another person not in full possession of their mental faculties and try - yet again - to convice me that I have been brought to an alternate dimension, then I urge you not to waste my time.

Thank you and good day.

[Filters away from the masses]

Sheldon, if you get this, please contact me immediately.

Third Person Sample

This place looked  nothing like Pasadena, California, that much was for certain. Where she was exactly still remained a disconcerting mystery to her, but she knew it wasn't Pasadena.

She'd been with Sheldon, cashing in one of her 'Cooper Coupons' - the very least he could do after missing her aunt's birthday celebration and making her look the fool in front of her family - when she'd felt an inexplicable pull. As though some unseen force was yanking her far away.

Inexplicable pull. Unseen force. It was absurd. She shook her head at such nonsense. There was a logical explanation for this. There had to be. Perhaps she'd been drugged and kidnapped - her ever-protective mother had always warned her about the bad people that lurked out there in the big, bad world. Thank the deity she didn't believe in that her captors had been idiotic enough to leave her with her phone still in hand.

She had enquired after her precise whereabouts but  she had received some strange - to say the least - answers in response. People who claimed she was in alternate dimension. She had scoffed derisively at that and advised them to seek medical attention immediatley. When they had looked at her blankly, she tried colloquialism, mimicking her bestie as she told them, very politely, they were - how did Penny put it? Oh, yes - "a few fries short of a Happy Meal." That was it.

Alternate dimensions. Really. Did they take her for an easily-duped fool? That was the sort of thing one might find in the realms of cheap science fiction. This was real life.

Her stomach twisted with anxiety. She worried for Sheldon. The last thing she remembered, he was with her and she wondered had he been kidnapped too. He wasn't anywhere nearby - she'd looked. She'd sent out a message and just hoped he would reply. She hoped he was all right.

Huffing out a sigh, she clutched her messenger bag tighter and set off tofind the nearest train station or bus station, anything that would allow her to return home.


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